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Pokémon is another Japanese favorite of mine!

Pokémon comes from the word- Pocket Monsters. You have to collect Pokémon's as you progress in your journey.

Welcome to my Pokemon page where I have selected some of my favorite Pokemon characters. I hope you enjoy it!


Mewtwo is a psychic type of Pokemon. He has a lot of Spirit and power. He is a legendary Pokemon. He has been last for many times and he has the power to see in the galaxy.


Rayqasa is a thin snake that can fly. He has powers to make tornados to protect himself. And has some crystals on his skin that give him extra power. His mega evolution has very sharp knife type scales to attack all Pokemon near him.

Lycanroc Midnight

Lycanroc is a wolf and he is a rock type Pokemon. He has the powers to control the rocks. He uses his mind waves to carry rocks and throw them so no one gets near him and he is very very scary.

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