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Japanese Food

I love japanese Food!

Welcome to my favorite Japanese food page. I have selected some of my favorite foods of Japan to share with you all!

“Who doesn't love sushi?!"- Ali Rashid.


This is a type of candy that is native to Japan. I love buying it at some stores and having it. It is crunchy and yummy!


I love having sushi for lunch or dinner sometimes. I have not been to Japan to try the real sushi but I have visited many resturants in Bahrain that are Japanese and love to eat Sushi there like Maki and Kojo.


I also love to eat Tempura which is a crunchy type of prawns or shrips that you can dip in different sauces.


I love to eat Edamame. It is a type of bean that is served in Japanese restaurants. It is served with salt sometimes and mostly boiled.

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